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Medical College of Wisconsin Recruitment Package


The Medical College of Wisconsin sought to create a memorable impression on medical residents during recruitment. Collaborating with the community brand Milwaukee Home, the challenge was to intricately weave both logos into graphic art and design an array of co-branded items to serve as thoughtful gifts during the interview process.


As the creative collaborator, HH Agency worked closely with both the Medical College of Wisconsin and Milwaukee Home. We skillfully crafted graphic art that seamlessly integrated both logos, resulting in a range of co-branded items. These thoughtfully designed items were intended to leave a positive and lasting impression on medical residents, showcasing the Medical College of Wisconsin's commitment to community engagement.


The outcomes were a testament to the successful collaboration between the Medical College of Wisconsin and Milwaukee Home. The co-branded items, featuring carefully designed graphic art, served as meaningful gifts during interviews, contributing to a positive candidate experience. This creative partnership not only enhanced the recruitment process but also demonstrated the Medical College of Wisconsin's dedication to fostering connections within the community and creating a welcoming environment for prospective medical residents