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Molson Coors Custom Award Jackets


Molson Coors annually honors their top distributors at an exclusive event and wanted to express gratitude through a special jacket featuring Molson Coors logos. The challenge was to create distinctive, custom-fit jackets that celebrated top distributor achievements.


As the chosen creative partner, HH Agency took a tailored approach to craft custom-fit jackets lined with Molson Coors logos and intricately embroidered to honor top distributors. Collaborating with a local fashion retailer ensured a personalized fit for each individual, adding an extra layer of uniqueness and comfort to this special recognition.


The outcomes surpassed expectations, as the custom jackets became a symbol of prestige and gratitude for Molson Coors' top distributors. Each jacket, with its carefully embroidered logos and personalized fit, served as a lasting token of appreciation, making the annual event even more memorable and strengthening the relationship between Molson Coors and its top distributors.