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Shake Shack Grand Opening


Shake Shack embarked on a community-focused store opening and sought to integrate the local brand Milwaukee Home into their celebration. The challenge was to seamlessly merge the two brand identities, creating co-branded graphic art that would be featured on giveaway items for the grand opening.


As the creative collaborator, HH Agency worked closely with both Shake Shack and Milwaukee Home. We orchestrated a harmonious fusion of brand identities by crafting visually compelling graphic art that seamlessly integrated both logos. The collaborative effort resulted in a series of co-branded items, reflecting the unique essence of each company and enhancing the excitement of Shake Shack's grand opening.


The outcomes were a testament to the successful collaboration between Shake Shack and Milwaukee Home. The co-branded items, adorned with carefully designed graphic art, became sought-after giveaways, creating a sense of unity between the brands. The collaborative venture not only celebrated the store opening but also fostered a strong sense of community engagement, leaving a lasting impression on attendees and strengthening the bond between Shake Shack, Milwaukee Home, and the local community.